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Have We Got A Deal For You!

You can watch MeTV for only a short period of time before you see the commercials for burial insurance, or final expense insurance. "Pennies a Day!", or some other ear-catching line that doesn't tell the complete story.  *No Exam Life Insurance $100k As Low As $4.75/month *Guaranteed Burial Insurance $9/month Buys $50K in Coverage‎ *Guaranteed Acceptance Whole Life Insurance from $9.95/month
Of course these are "teaser" rates. Do you realistically believe anyone can apply for coverage and get these premiums? The purpose of these ads is to get a person to call the number given or go the site to get a quote. Without having to watch MeTV, here are the sites:
Colonial Penn
AARP/New York Life
I encourage everyone who is considering purchasing insurance to do their homework. Compare benefits and premiums. Make the best choice and save money. Also make certain to read the fine print because you don't always get what is advertised.
I don't like guaranteed acc…